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Silk pareo for women 100% natural - Discover our varied collection France

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On Access Moda, you will find a silk pareo that will suit you as the models, patterns and styles are diverse and varied, just like the price!

A must-have accessory for summer, the beach sarong comes back every season and combines perfectly with our swimming outfits! But this light and colorful accessory straight from Polynesia is, like the tunic, the caftan or the little summer dress, can also be a full-fledged beach outfit, both chic and casual! Indeed, the sarong for women is no longer a simple square of fabric that we tie around our waist at the beach or during our various swims, it has become a trendy garment, a must-have of the summer!

On Access Moda, discover an entire collection of women's beach cover-ups online at the best prices. We offer you the best trends of the moment. In a dress, in a skirt or as a scarf around the neck, your pareo will be your best swimwear for the beach. White, black, plain, printed or variegated with colors and patterns, your light veil will match perfectly with all styles of swimsuits and bikinis. Our selection is made up of beach pareos made of various materials and colors and available in different sizes. If you're looking for a women's sarong that will enhance both your swimsuit and your body, you'll find it at Access Moda! Its fluid and slightly transparent material enhances the feminine curves while protecting the skin from the sun.

Each beach sarong in our range has been carefully selected to ensure that you have an unforgettable time during all your swimming sessions. At Access Moda, you are bound to find a woman's sarong that suits you, as the models, patterns and styles are diverse and varied, just like the price!

A must-have for summer, the beach sarong comes back in full color every year!

When we evoke the word pareo, we immediately refer to the beach, the sun, the sand, swimming ... the beautiful season of summer! If the beach sarong was launched as the flagship accessory of the summer in the decade of the 90s, even today the sarong continues to renew itself and remains the must-have piece of each dressing room when the beautiful seasons return. But for the record, before becoming an essential fashion accessory for beach vacations as we know it today, the sarong is in fact a Polynesian garment.

The sarong (or "p?reu" in Tahitian) has long been worn by both men and women (around the waist or tied around the body). This colorful piece of cloth is used by men as a loincloth, wrapped around their waist, while women use their ingenuity to tie it in an elegant and practical way to cover their bodies. This garment is similar to the Malay sarong, the Samoan lava-lava, the Tongan tupenu and similar garments worn in the Pacific Islands, by the inhabitants of Hawaii, the Marquesas Islands, the Maoris of New Zealand and the Fiji Islands... The pareos could be painted with vegetable dye using plants as stencils. They could also be decorated with wax and then dyed, or even embroidered. The first pareos were imported to Europe in the 1930s and were immediately popular as beachwear.

Often very colorful, the pareo woman accompanies us all summer on the beach or by the pool. We install it on the sand or on a deckchair as "foutas", we put it on to cover ourselves at lunch time, to go for a walk or to have a drink with friends after the beach... Practical for the beach and adopted by many stars year after year, the beach sarong is the essential fashion accessory of the summer. Whether it's for strolling on the sand and pebbles or to dress up your swimsuit in a cool and stylish way, each of us loves it!

Available in various colors and patterns, the beach sarong meets all your desires!

To dress up your swimsuits and bikinis by the sea, choose a trendy women's beach sarong from our wide selection that will enhance your look once summer arrives! From the most exotic colored fabrics to the simplest sails, these lightweight garments exist for all tastes and will satisfy all budgets. Even better, your pareo can be transformed into a skirt, a dress, a beach towel...

Whether you want to protect yourself from the sun with your beach sarong, make it your ideal companion when you get out of the water, or simply assert your style with your summer it-piece, find the rare gem at Access Moda! All you have to do is choose your favorite sarong from our extensive collection. And thanks to our express delivery service, you can have your women's sarong delivered in just a few clicks!

Women's sarongs can be worn in several ways. It can be worn with a bathing suit: same color and same print. For the beach, you can wear it delicately on your shoulders. It's as simple as that! The beach sarong, this piece of fabric, is a real versatile fashion accessory! Several knotting techniques exist: fold in half and wrap your pareo around your waist, it becomes a beach skirt! Place the sarong on your back and tie the two sides under your arms and you have a strapless sarong! Place the pareo in your back, bring the panels in front of you, cross them to tie them behind your neck and it becomes a beautiful bare back dress, and placing it on the side, cross the panels under the opposite arm and tie them on the shoulder: it is asymmetrical! The list of knotting possibilities is endless!

For lounging and strolling on the beach, you can bet on a long beach sarong like a dress that will allow to hide some parts of the body while highlighting the female curves and why not the bikini top with style. A good tip to remember for those who do not like to walk around in a bikini! Even with a simple beach sarong that you tie casually around the waist, worn with a one-piece swimsuit, you can definitely enhance your beach look!

Some can even invent a summer outfit by folding their sarong like a beach skirt. Others transform their sarong into a trendy kimono to wear all day with just a few well-placed bows. Thanks to a knot in the back, you can also wear your sarong as a jacket.

Rely on your silk sarong to provide you with well-being and lightness!

Pareos, but also scarves for winter, small and large silk squares, veils and silk scarves... buy your product at Access Moda, it is the guarantee of quality products that will last in time! The finishes are meticulous and the product is designed to withstand all your summer adventures. Trust Access Moda to choose your trendy pareo. The beach sarong will bring cheerfulness to your summer. Sleek or whimsical, it goes with all your beach outfits. Elegance is the order of the day, even when you get out of the water!

A large sarong for women can be worn as a dress or as a skirt. Made of silk, it is perfect to be worn when the temperatures in the tropics are high. Women who need to cover their whole body wear it in a more sophisticated way to cover both the bust and the legs. Thanks to our selection of cheap scarves, put some color and lightness in your summer with the most beautiful trendy pareo. And that you have found at a small price!

Have you chosen your beach sarong from our collection? It is available in our stock just for you! Order it now to proceed with the purchase and get a fast delivery. And how will you wear it? As a skirt or dress, or more sophisticated? Don't forget to put it in your beach bags as well as your bathing suits to spend the best time at the sea and under the summer sun!

Also discover on Access Moda the new collection of scarf in different colors to brighten up your looks: green scarf, pink scarf, white scarf and beige scarf.

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