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Square Scarf for women - This season's must-have France

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Find at Access Moda high quality square scarves, available in stock. Discover also our tips to choose perfectly your square scarf.

How to choose a square scarf?

Scarves are very popular fashion accessories, especially for women. Today, it is almost impossible to do without them, so much they are very appreciated. They give more originality, more colors to each new style. However, in the multitude of scarves available on the market, choosing which one will suit you is not always easy. The shapes, sizes, colors are all aspects that differentiate them.

Moreover, it is necessary to make the report with its person, because an accessory that one carries, necessarily conveys a given message. That's why we show you some criteria on which to base your choice of square scarf.

How to wear a square scarf?

The square scarf is a clothing accessory that can be worn on many occasions. It is simple and very practical, which makes it a very popular accessory for its users. Indeed, the scarf can be placed in various places on the body such as the neck, hair and belt.

With the possibility it offers to fold and tie it without difficulty, wear your square scarf around the neck, letting it float. Depending on your wishes, you can also tie it as a tie or as a long cotton scarf, similar to the style of the Maghreb inhabitants. Similarly, if you want to have the hostess look, you can tie it around your neck with a light and subtle knot.

Worn on the hair, a square scarf woman can serve as a headband or be put in a bun. It can be worn on a belt, high waist, as a bracelet or necklace. Large scarves on the other hand offer you other opportunities. They can be worn as a garment, a cape or a dress.

Thus, the scarf can be worn in a myriad of ways. If you don't like the basic ways of wearing it, let your imagination guide you and surprise yourself by tying your accessory in an original way. Alternatively, if you lack creativity, you can follow online tutorials on different ways to wear your square scarf.

Choosing a woman's square scarf: what material to choose?

After choosing the color, we must now turn to the material: what fiber models should we adopt for his scarf square woman? The question arises because we must not forget that we seek both elegance and comfort.

Thus, among the many materials of manufacture of square scarf which exist on the market, the models in natural fibres are indicated. They are both aesthetic but especially very convenient. They also offer a nice touch of refinement to your different clothing styles. These materials include cotton, linen and silk.

The properties of these natural fibers allow you to use your scarves both during the winter and summer periods. In other words, you can wear them everywhere and at any time of the year, without fear of being inconvenienced.

Some sizes and models of square scarves

That's right! If you can choose your accessory according to your skin tone and the quality of the material, you should know the different shapes and models that exist on the market. The square scarf is one of the most popular, because it can be worn in different ways.

Regarding the models of square scarves, there are many on the market. However, they can be grouped into categories. We cite for example the scarves with classic patterns, that is, those that bear the designs of carriages, chains, horse, etc.. These models are constantly being revisited and each time have a touch of modernity and originality.

The tartan model is also very tempting. It offers a variety of colors to its users. They can choose between a black, blue or red tartan scarf. No matter what your favorite color is, you are sure to find one that suits you.

There are also other popular square scarves on the market. These are the Palestinian scarf or keffiyeh, and the made in USA scarf or bandana. The first one is made of cotton or viscose. It is available in black and white, but can also be found in blue, red or pink. It is an accessory very appreciated by the young people and which has the wind in poop.

The bandana comes from the USA and is made of cotton. It is the model that has given way to printed scarves. If it is very well known, it owes its fame to the singer Jordy, who wore it in his song "Dur dur d'être un bébé" released in the 80s.

Access Moda, the reference store to find your square scarf

If you are a woman and you like fashion, the square scarf must be a must-have in your wardrobe. Because it perfectly combines elegance and modernity, you will undoubtedly find different occasions and ways to wear it. For day and night outings, the square scarf will become your greatest ally. Moreover, it can be worn with different outfits depending on the style you wish to create.

Worn around the neck or tied in the hair, the square scarf will completely enhance the beauty of your outfit. It enhances the part on which it is worn by adding a touch of pep. The square scarf is chosen on the basis of different elements deemed essential.

A wide variety of colors and patterns

The color chosen for its square scarf must be in perfect harmony with that of the eyes and even the skin. Since it is worn quite close to the face, it is important to take into account its skin tone. Access Moda offers square scarves in warm colors for women with dark skin and models in lighter tones for women with pale complexions.

In addition, the variety of patterns is great. From floral prints to geometric drills, the choice is yours.

A design at the forefront of elegance

You'll find solid color square scarves on the market. Access Moda also offers scarves with elaborate details. The design is so elegant that you're sure to appreciate it. Each of our items is the result of unparalleled creativity and exceptional craftsmanship. Every detail has been taken into account to guarantee comfort and aesthetics.

Quality materials

The comfort offered by our square scarves for women lies in the quality of the materials used for their manufacture. Silk has been chosen for its elegance and softness. We also offer cotton scarves that are as comfortable as they are easy to wear.

You should know that Access Moda offers not only square scarves, but also chèches, scarves and various fashion accessories. Nevertheless, quality is assured every time.

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